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Why is respite important?

Caring for a partner, relative or friend is a rewarding experience. Carers need to have breaks from their role and those breaks are known as respite. Residential respite care at our Algester Lodge could be the answer. This respite may help relieve stress for the carer and the person receiving care.

We offer residential respite care where you know your loved one will be cared for in a safe environment, giving your peace of mind while you take a well-earned rest.

Respite care can be beneficial to those discharged from hospital, who may need some extra support while they decide on he best place to live longer term.You can also use the respite care in a residential aged care facility as a way of finding out about the quality of care before deciding if the home is a good place or you.

What do we provide during Respite Care?

Respite care should be as enjoyable as possible. We provide respite accommodation in our residential facilities that offer:

  • Modern facilities and technology

  • Nutritious meals (with plenty of variety)

  • Organised activities, appropriate exercise and entertainment

  • Qualified nursing staff on-site 24-hours-a-day

  • Receive individual care, tailored to specific needs, in a safe and secure environment

  • Family and friends are always welcome and with no set visiting hours you can visit as often as you wish

  • Activities coordinated by our diversional therapy team to join and enjoy

  • Personal care including showering

  • Medication support, if needed

  • Laundry service

Accessing Respite Care

  • Government-subsidised respite care is available for overnight stays subject to assessment.

  • If you are the primary carer for someone aged 65 years and over (or 50 years and over for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders), or if you look after someone with dementia, you can qualify for respite care services.

  • An assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is required; this helps to determine the most appropriate level of care your loved one needs

  • A Doctor, caregiver or family member can make a referral to an ACAT.

  • Respite care is a short-term care option. The holder of an ACAT assessment is entitled to 63 days of Respite Care per financial year at any Commonwealth-funded residential aged care facility. Extensions may be granted.

  • We’re here to help with the application process. Once you have decided to proceed with Respite Care with us, we will discuss all of your needs and requirements, including agreed dates, and put together a Respite Agreement.

  • We can also help you with application forms and any questions you may have.

Government funding assistance is available

Current holders of a Department of Veteran Affairs card can apply to the Department for up to 28 days of funding per financial year to help cover the cost of Respite Care.

In most States of Australia, the Commonwealth Care Respite Centre may, with prior approval, also help to contribute to the daily cost of Respite Care.

To find your nearest centre, please contact your local Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre:

Situations where emergency respite care might be needed include

  • Death of a primary carer
  • Major illness of a primary carer
  • An urgent situation that make it difficult for your carer to look after you